5 Easy Side Jobs That Will Make You At Least $3,300 A Month

easy side jobs

Are there easy side jobs to make some extra cash? Are you chronically short on cash so you can’t seem to make ends meet? If you have troubles looking for a higher paying full-time position or you just don’t want to commit to another part-time job, then you should consider a flexible side job that will make you some real money.

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At that side-time job, you can easily work as much or as little as you want. You can set up your schedule based on what you feel is best for you. That means you will work however you feel you need your earning to be boosted. In that process, you will end up earning some new set of skills that will look beautiful on your resume.

there are lots of ways to make money on the side. Quite a few of traditional side jobs are there like child care or pet sitting.

There are also lots of new type of jobs like driving Uber or becoming a freelance writer.

So here we go.

Easy Side Jobs Doing Tutoring

It’s not mandatory to have an advanced degree in a certain field to become a tutor. There are ways to find the easy side jobs tutoring for college students. They can be hired to tutor elementary and high school students. They can also be hired as peer tutors, and, for some older candidates, a degree in a certain subject area can be very helpful while tutoring jobs for after school, evening or even weekends.

easy side jobs

How can you find the easy side jobs? Well, you can check with the guidance office in your nearest school district for high schools and also an elementary school jobs. You can also check the career or student employment office for campus positions. Besides all the ways I described you can always check the website specialized for tutoring. It’s called Tutor.com. There you can tutor online.

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Start Blogging 

If you love to write and you have the general idea of what you want to write about then there are lots of opportunities for the easy side jobs for you. It’s however, very likely that you won’t see the money coming your way immediately. There is simply a lot you will have to learn about it, but when you master it you will be making money. The problem about it is that lots of people simply give up too soon and they obviously don’t see any result of blogging.

However, if you do love to write and you love to help other people, and you are willing to put in lots of hours of work for free, then this job is for you.

Remember!  At the beginning of your blogging journey, you obviously won’t see some spectacular results. But after a while, you will start seeing the results (traffic and money) coming your way.

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You absolutely don’t need to be spammy or offer things people don’t need and don’t want. You get paid for ads on your site, affiliate programs of products you like and use.

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Dropshipping Business

Drop shipping is where you sell products and manufacturer or supplier is the one who ships them directly to the customer who bought the product. You never have to even see or touch the product you are selling, and you don’t need to buy the product until you have already sold the certain product to your customer.

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As you can already see, this makes drop shipping an attractive business model that you can get started without a huge upfront cost. Especially when you consider how expensive can be the Amazon FBA business of buying large bulk wholesale orders from China.

However, drop shipping can be very interesting for lots of people out there, but you need to have The Directory.

What is The Directory?

It’s a supplier directory site where you can find all the suppliers you can trust and use in your own drop shipping business. They are thoroughly investigated before they are being put into The Directory.

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Find Easy Side Jobs Only By Writing

Writing is just beautiful. There is no need for you to run a blog or have to do all that tech stuff if you want to just write.

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Many people start their online business as freelancer writers. It’s a great way to make money in your spare time. We are talking about making money on the side working whenever you want. You can do your writing after work, on weekends, or whenever you feel like you want to write.

You can easily prove yourself to be a good writer so you can get regular clients that are gonna be more than happy to work with you regularly. 

The easiest way to start your writing journey is obviously with iWriter. You’ll start as a standard level writer, and after you’ve worked on quite a few projects you will see some progress. Pretty naturally right?

You all have obviously heard of finding easy side jobs by writing and that is quite OK. But, you have probably never heard of a secret way of writing that is really going to help you speed up the process and it will generally make your writing much easier.

Create & Sell An Ebook

I know you know enough about a certain subject to be able to write a book about, right? Don’t start thinking about how you’re not a writer. I’m sure you are! I’ve seen eBooks about Klingon Language Dictionary. If that sells you really have no worries. You must know something that’s worthy of your future eBook right?

Your future eBook should contain around 20,000 words, according to Jeff Goins. There are, however, eBooks a lot shorter than those 20,000 words.

Even though creating an eBook may not be on of those easy side jobs, it still is doable. 

You should start by outlining your ideas, create sections of your eBook and start filling in the details. If you are a blogger and you already are writing about a certain topic, you could easily be able to turn your blog topics into an eBook.

Once you’re done with your eBook and you are ready to sell it it’s time to choose where you prefer to sell your eBook.

You might prefer to sell it through your own site, or you can sell it through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or even Apple’s iBooks.

There is some serious money to be made publishing your own eBooks.

That statement is simply true. Writer Steve Gilman has created his own eBook and he actually made more than $2,000 on that eBook.

Here is how things work with the Amazon. They pay writers 70% royalties on eBooks priced between $2.99 and $9.99.

There are however a lot more publishers out there, so check them out!


If you have any questions about the topic please don’t hesitate to share it with us. Drop me a line so I could do better next time. 🙂

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