5 Surefire Ways To Grow Your Email List To 1000 Subscribers

Grow Your Email List

Grow Your Email List is the single most important thing that every online entrepreneur must be repeating! it’s well known that email marketing has absolutely the highest ROI. Higher than any other marketing channel. That is something to bear in mind.

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According to surveys, there is an average of 23% of all the sales online belongs to Email Marketing. Almost anywhere you look for the answers you will see only one thing, the email marketing is even more profitable than ever.

If you are thinking about whether to start building your email list or not, the answer is to build it RIGHT NOW. The only thing to worry about is how quickly you can start building your list.

After analyzing some of the best in the business ( I’m not one of those, sorry 🙁 ) I’ve compiled the ultimate guide to speed up your email subscription growth.

1. The Lead Magnet Or The Content Upgrade

A lead magnet is really gonna help you grow your email list. It’s essentially something of a greater value you give for free in exchange for an email address. People love when they see that you have a FREE PDF REPORT that has a certain valuable information about your niche in it.

Here is how to grow your email list:

  • Write a blog post on a topic related to your niche.
  • Create a piece of content that complements your post’s topic.
  • Offer the readers of your blog posts to choose to receive the upgraded content in exchange for their email address.

This strategy is almost too simple and so brilliant. One of the most successful online entrepreneurs Anik Singal has made himself a real fortune only using email marketing.

Read more about how Anik Singal does his magic!

While your readers have expressed their interest in the topic just by clicking on your post, why don’t you be just plain smart and take advantage of their interest by offering them some more in-depth information? Remember, you are not taking advantage of your readers. I would rather think that you are offering them help.

This strategy is known for increasing the subscription rate by 30%.

One other famous Internet Giant Brian Dean of Backlinko skyrocketed his subscription by 785% using this “too easy to be true” method.

Another one used the content upgrade to collect over 11,000 emails.

This very simple strategy simply gets the most amazing results. However, it is a little time-consuming.

There is a way to cut down on all the time spent. Here is a guide for the content upgrade that you can do yourself in no more than 30 minutes or so.

2. Opt-Ins And Calls To Actions

After you’ve done mastering your content upgrade now you have to start focusing on another important piece of strategy. Grow your email list with the opt-in form and the images containing the strong Call-To-Action.

Why those? The names of those two terms explain more than I would ever have. People need to opt-in your email list, and for that, they need to be called strongly for action to perform the desired opt-in action.

grow your email list

Call to action requires consistency in verbiage and visuals to work best.

A single generic opt-in newsletter subscription is not recommended. The reason for that would be in the fact that an average person receives and sends an average of 122 emails per day! The last thing these people need is another one of those generic newsletters in their respective inboxes.

How To Use Opt-Ins To Grow Your Email List Faster

The answer is in Pop-Ups. They are very much like Justin Bieber. You either love them or you hate them. One thing is certain though. You see them everywhere all the time. They have the ability to pull in a big crowd. Just like Justin Bieber 🙂 .

Some of the very well-known blogs have reported the importance and effectiveness of the pop-up form on their websites.

So, for example, Social Media Examiner gets over 70% of all the subscribers thanks to their website’s pop-up form.

A test performed by Darren Rowse shows the increase of subscribers from 40 to 350 a day after installing a pop-up form on ProBlogger.net.

Grow your email list

There are many ways to set up your pop-ups. You can set it up to pop-up after a certain amount of seconds or to pop-up when a visitor decides to leave. They should be installed on every single page.

Whether you like them or you hate them, they work. 9 time more subscribers, as opposed to only an opt-in form, speaks for itself. Respect!

It’s good to have an opt-in form both in your sidebar and in the footer. Don’t forget to put an opt-in form in every single post on your website.

3. Social Sharing Within Email

One thing is natural when you collect subscribers. It is sending emails to your blog posts regularly. This is what it’s all about, to grow your email list. This way you get the clickthroughs to your website and you get your website’s traffic.

The statistics show that the presence of the multiple links result in fewer clicks on the links you wanted to be clicked.

So, how do social sharing buttons fit into this story? Do we want to increase our website traffic rather than decrease it, right? How could even happen that someone would want to share my blog post without even reading it?

The answer is most surprising. One of the most popular email providers GetResponse did a little research and they come up with an interesting result.

grow your email list

The average CTR (click through rate) for emails containing social sharing options is 6,2% vs 2,4% without them.

It’s a stunning 158% increase of CTR! Even your readers don’t actually read the article they might share it. Avery share is likely to generate traffic from multiple possible visitors thanks to sharing of your post.

4. Mobile-Responsive Design Of Your Website

The most important thing to worry about when you have a new visitor on your site is to grab your visitor’s attention. All you really have is around 15 seconds to do your attention-grabbing, and if you don’t do it then your visitor is gone forever. What you want is to make sure not to waste those precious 15 seconds with super complicated design and ads all over the site.

For that reason, you need to keep the design of your website very clean and simple. Very simple images, and don’t go crazy with too many options. Limit yourself to only a few possible actions. Those should be reading your blog posts, Opt-Ins, and social media connections. If you think I forgot something I’m telling you right now tHow to Make Pinterest a Full Time Jobhat I haven’t 🙂 .

Google says and I am also saying from my own experience that way more than 50% of all searches comes from mobile devices. in my experience, it is even more than 70%. Google already started ranking mobile-friendly websites higher in search results. So, if you have some kind of non-mobile responsive website you will have a lot of problems being found through google search.

5. Pinterest Group Boards

The last but not the least is all about Pinterest. If you want to grow your email list Pinterest should be one of your traffic cornerstones. The potential that Pinterest has to offer through Group Boards is amazing.

Read In Great Detail All About Pinterest Being Your Full-Time Job

When you start your blog go join as many Group Boards as you can find in your niche. Follow the rules that the owners of those Group Boards require of you. You will see the immediate result. The traffic will start pouring in. Literally pouring in.

To wrap thing up a bit I need to emphasize how important it is to follow all these 5 pieces of advice I gave you. Just follow them, they won’t cost you a dime.

Thanks to Kissmetrics.com and AngieGensler.com for the help on this great post!

Have fun and take care.

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