How Do Bloggers Make Money? | 3 Surefire Ways To Do It

how do bloggers make money

Do you want to know the answer to the question how do bloggers make money? Well, there are lots of ways to do it but everyone has its own preferred way of doing it.

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You probably started your own blog since you heard everyone buzzing about how easy it is. But, how to earn money from blog still might be the question you don’t have the answer to.


How do bloggers make money – whether it’s a hobby blog or it could be a business blog – it is possible to make money with it. It’s far from getting rich quick scheme, and if you do it the right way, you could make enough to live a nice life without having to go to 9-5 job.

If you really want to make money blogging, you definitely need to learn how to write blog posts that will convert your readers into money. Plain and simple.

In this article, I will show you 4 different types of blog posts that make money and you should consider writing.

How Do Bloggers Make Money Reviewing The One Main Product?

Review posts are one of the most effective methods of promoting affiliate products. Everyone who is buying a product is willing to pay for it the amount that manufacturer is asking for it. However, modern shoppers will take time to research the item they intend to buy.

That ONE product review will introduce the product to the readers visiting your blog and it will give them your personal touch on that review.

When you are writing that review, make sure you really are giving your honest review of the product. It certainly should not look like it was just another affiliate product review. An honest product review will give you a much higher conversion rate as opposed to advertising review.

Advantages and disadvantages of a product are very important to give to your readers. That gives you an authority, It shows you as an impartial reviewer who is absolutely professional at what you do.

Now we are coming to that one product review that answers the question of how to earn money from blog. That product seems to be promoted constantly.

It’s the same with this blog.

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The cool thing about this product is that you can try it out and only if you like it you then buy it. The great thing about that product is that it has a recurring commission.

Whatever your niche is, you should find that one product to promote. It ideally has a recurring commission, however, it is not mandatory. If it does have a recurring commission, it obviously makes a lot more money to you.

After you have found your ideal product you should write at least 2000+ words review on it. Make sure to use every chance you get to mention it in your other posts. Just like have mentioned my MAIN product in this blog post.

How To Earn Money From Blog By Reviewing Other Products?Web Hosting

Now that you know what to do and how to promote your main product, there are lots of other products you can promote. If you do your job the right way you will make a lot of money on your side products as well.

Other than Internet Jetset which is my main program I promote I have no problem being an affiliate for a number of other products as well:

How to earn money from blog by giving a bad review of a product? If you find the product not to be good enough to pass your test, you still need to write a review. Remember that you will gain more credibility giving both bad reviews and not only the good ones. If are going only for good ones it could look as if you are paid for doing a review.

Sometimes people are really determined to buy a certain product no matter what you say. It just might be through your link. 🙂

How Do Bloggers Make Money With Top Lists?

Everybody knows that top lists drive massive amounts of traffic. Everyone’s top list is a little different than other’s so it’s a magnet for traffic. People would simply love to see what I have put in my top 10 best keyword research tools. That particular top 10 list would probably drive massive traffic and lots of comments about approving and disapproving it.

Top lists are perfect opportunity to promote lots of different products. Top lists will generate a lot more traffic and a lot more social sharing because everyone’s top list is kinda controversial. That means a lot more passive income. At the same time, they make a good way of making your website appear as an authority. People simply pay a lot more attention to the content which is great.

how do bloggers make money

The trick is to make a title of your list to be something that people would love to read about. For example, a lot of people are into fitness and workout and they all would love to read about how to do things better, right? Therefore, you compile 7 Reasons You *Need* to Be Doing Deadlifts.

It’s absolutely not necessary to be an expert on deadlifts. You only have to be the person who makes a research on deadlifts and compiles the 7 Reasons You *Need* to Be Doing Deadlifts. You can check out the website called where you’ll find post only on top ways to do something. People really love reading about it.

The best thing about the lists is that it’s so easy to find what you’ll write about. You only have to do a little research on what people want to read about and then you give them a great compilation that you think will work best.



I hope this helped to answer the question how do bloggers make money and how to earn money from blog. If you have any idea and questions about the topic please do let me know all about it.

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