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how to drive traffic to your website

How to drive traffic to your website? And not only a little bit of traffic, but a whole lot of traffic. It’s not an easy task at all to make exactly what other bloggers write in their posts. So we all have to, of course, follow those bloggers to some extent, but nevertheless, we should come up with our own unique style. It takes time and persistence to really increase website traffic.

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Many blogs insist on the fact that the content is THE MOST IMPORTANT or that figuring exactly your niche should help you grow better. All I can say that everyone is unique and everyone’s blog is unique. How to drive traffic to your website and at the same time to consistently increase website traffic? For that, you would need to check out what I have prepared for you in this blog post.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website To Increase Website Traffic

It’s very frustrating to see all the bloggers saying and doing things I just can’s seem to apply to my own business. It’s just not helpful.

Even though you should listen and model after someone else’s success, you should rely on your own decisions. I mean you should compile all the resources that you feel are good for you. Then you’ll know for sure what is working and what’s not working.

If you think there is magic wand needed to get to those big numbers than you’re wrong. There’s no magic want needed 🙂 . Just hard work and some perseverance, which can be tricky for a lot of you out there.

Don’t Waste Too Much Time On Researching

This might sound not too smart but believe me on this. Remember when I said that you should read what others say and what they do, but you should always go your own way. Test your own stuff like where your ads work best on your blog, what is the best lengths of the blog.

It’s good to follow those seasoned bloggers, but it’s always better to have your own touch to do something else instead doing the same what others are doing.

You have to know that every blog is different, just like everything else in the world right?

Learn How To Do Your SEO Properly To Increase Website Traffic

While there is a way to not only increase website traffic but to get a ton of traffic right away for free, here I am going to talk about SEO. I’m going to talk about that a little later.

SEO is actually very intimidating for a lot of bloggers out there. It’s kinda hard to figure it out and to perform consistent results with it. Nevertheless, you need to work on your SEO because there is a lot of traffic you could just miss out on.

How to drive traffic to your website using the SEO? You can always hire SEO expert, which will bring some good results for you. That would cost you a lot of money as well. If you are a new blogger that is just starting out that is out of the question for you.

The only thing left considering your future SEO is actually using KWFinderIt will help you with all the necessary tools you will ever need to get ranked in Google search.

There are actually a lot of other tools to find keywords like Google AdWords, or even, but none of them performs better than KWFinderWhen I first started using it I literally fell in love with it 🙂 . It’s so easy and intuitive that you’re gonna just love it as well 🙂 .

With KWFinder‘s free version you will have THE ADVANTAGE over all other tools believe me. If you ever consider buying it you will be more than happy with it.

How to Drive Traffic To Your Website By Writing Longer Posts

One of the best plugins that you could find is Yoast SEO, and it tells you that it’s OK to have at least 300 words (it’s recommended minimum) on your blog post. That is absolutely right when it comes down to what is the least necessary to have a kind of an SEO pass as a blog post.

You know that I said that it’s wise to listen to what other accomplished bloggers have to say, but always do what YOU THINK it’s right. A lot of them say to put out as much content and as often as you can.

That, however, did not work out so well for me and for some other bloggers. So I’m pretty sure I can tell you to focus on good quality posts in order to increase website traffic. What I meant by that is to go in depth with your posts which means to go up with the quality. Above all, that means you will have to provide a better quality material that is better researched, other accomplished experts quoted etc. This all brings in a lot more words to your blog post.

It would be impossible to fit it all into only a 300-word blog post. Who would want to read that anyways, right? How to drive traffic to your website that contains only a few hundred words?

So, post less often, but work on the quality of your posts!  Check out this resource!

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Focus On Not Too Many Social Media Platforms

Another one of the ways on how to drive traffic to your website is to go easy on media platforms. In terms of quantity of platforms, you spend time on, of course 🙂 .

Posting heavily on all the social media platforms won’t get you anywhere! Literally, you will be wasting your time and you would get stressed out because nothing would work out for you. Believe me!

I was doing the same thing and nothing seemed to work. The same stuff I hear from other far more experienced bloggers.

So what I did was I focused entirely on only one social media platform. That is Pinterest I’m talking about. It’s my absolute number one source of traffic.

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Pinterest is excellent for absolutely any niche you can think of right now. I’ll give a lot of credit to other social networks. They are great for connecting with other people, groups, and whatnot. However, only Pinterest will give you FREE TRAFFIC you are searching for!

There are tools that you couldn’t do without when it comes down to Pinterest traffic. BoardCommander is THE tool you need in order to go from 0-10,000 a month in a short time.

how to drive traffic to your website

You can see how dramatically it was the very first day I turned on my BoardCommander. Not to mention that with Board Commander I actually don’t have to spend too much time on posting and doing what I need to do to get my content in front of readers’ eyes. It will increase website traffic for you 100%.

Go here right NOW to start seeing what BoardCommander can do for your traffic! You will see how to drive traffic to your website!

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Make Sure Your Pins Are Beautiful!

If you go for Pinterest like I suggested you should think about the quality of your pins. The question on how to drive traffic to your website will be partly answered if you do make some nice pins. They will represent you and your brand and they are gonna be uniquely yours.

Remember: any pin designed by you or by someone else is better than a just plain picture for a pin.

increase website traffic

You can see that these are just simple pins created by me 🙂 . Seriously, I’ve never created anything in my life. Just a simple design and a message you want your audience to read. That’s it. With pins as good as these you will increase website traffic. No doubt. If you can do better go ahead do it. You will probably do a lot better than me 🙂 .

I asked my friend to honestly tell me what she thinks about them. She said that they all look alike! Wow, that’s great! You know what that means? It means that I have branded my pins. That’s what you get when you design something on your own!

I used a free tool called Canva for all of my pins. Some people use Pic Monkey but Canva is far better in my opinion. It’s a free tool with tons of cool options. You can, however, upgrade to even better service. By the way, I made all my pins using FREE option.

So that is how to drive traffic to your website using cool pins made easily by you even if you have never done it before.

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Try To Connect With Other Bloggers As Much As You Can

One more way to increase website traffic is to connect with other bloggers. It’s much easier to work if you are a part of a larger group that help each other.

Don’t hesitate to connect with other bloggers. More bloggers will solve problems much easier than if it’s just you who need to solve a big problem. There is always someone who knows something or someone else. And you know what? Problems get solved!

You will not take advantage of your blogger friends, they will help you and you will help them with something only you know. Have that on the mind!

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Increase Website Traffic By Duplicating Your Most Successful Posts

Let’s assume that you are going to start with your blog sooner or later, right? Then, some of your posts are going to go viral. That is a fact, don’t worry, your posts will go viral! What do you do then to further increase website traffic?

Besides adding more affiliate links to your blog post, you will have to do one more thing to duplicate your traffic.

How do you go about doing that? Here is an excellent trick on how to drive traffic to your website!

When I published my post called “Make Money Dropshipping │ $5000+ A Month Step By Step” it went viral. I even made some affiliate sales with it which is a great thing. I even got some emails from my followers who wanted more of that stuff. What else to do than to follow what people really love to read.

I stayed on the same course with my next blog post, made a few keyword changes, and boom, I had another viral post right there! Check it out right here: “How To Start Dropshipping | Reliably Make $5,000+ A Month

There is no reason just to update a post. The first blog post is about Making Money Dropshipping and step by step guide on how to go about doing it.

The next one is on the very similar subject (drop shipping business) but with different keywords which means different audience. Now I know that I’m on to something great, and I’m sharing it with you guys! 🙂

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I truly hope you found these tips valuable to you and I hope they will come handy to you with your own blogging business. If you have any questions or comments, please do let me know what it’s about. I’ll do my best to answer



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