How To Start A Virtual Assistant Business That Makes Money

Many people that are online actually want to know how to start a virtual assistant business. Being a virtual assistant is not a rocket science because the development of the internet and all the tech surrounding it makes it very easy for a lot of people to get self-employed. There are literally signs all over the internet virtual assistant needed!

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How To Start A Virtual Assistant Business  

The first thing you need to know is that you do not have to have any kind of formal education to become a virtual assistant. You only have to look for an opportunity to see the “virtual assistant needed” sign 🙂 . Just kidding.

While you don’t really have to have a formal education, the best background to come from would be an administrative assistant, secretary, or even receptionist. Even though those would be the best backgrounds to come from, you still can perform very good as a VA even if you come from many other professions as well.

Basically, all you as a virtual assistant have to have is an internet connection and a computer to work on.

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

By a definition, a virtual assistant is an individual who performs an administrative type of jobs and tasks from a remote location. Usually, the people who become a virtual assistant offer their services to more than just one person. To become a virtual assistant is a very attractive option for those who wish to work from home or for those who want to work from abroad. The remote computing technologies all together can offer a lot of opportunities for anyone who desires to become a virtual assistant.

How Much Can You Make As A Virtual Assistant?

The potential for earning money as a virtual assistant is virtually unlimited. When you first start as a VA you work only with your client on already agreed upon rate. While this may satisfie you for a while, you actually can progress to more than only one client at a time. This would be for those who feel as if they can handle more than one client at a time.

How to start a virtual assistant business and make money from it is the right question right now.

When you are first starting out you need to work on your portfolio with your best and most positive reviews. Those reviews will help you attract clients who are willing to spend up to $100 per hour. Realistically, you could be earning between $20 and $40 an hour. That means if you are an established virtual assistant in any niche.

Don’t be overwhelmed with all this, because literally, the sign “virtual assistant needed” is all over the internet.

how to start a virtual assistant business

How To Start A Virtual Assistant Business Writing Content

There are plenty of blogs who need someone with writing talent to simply write for them. That’s exactly why they would hire a virtual assistant. If writing is really one of your strengths, don’t hesitate to step up and start showing your talent.

It’s not only blog posts that you gonna be covering, you could be writing the entire books. Many successful bloggers offer courses on any topic to their readers, so you could be doing that as well.

Remember how many bloggers run multiple blogs at the same time. They simply need you to help them with the writing. It’s a virtual assistant needed for those believe me.

Places, where you could advertise your talents, are and as well.

SEO Assistance 

How to start a virtual assistant business doing SEO for a company? This is truly an internet era we are living in, and it’s absolutely crucial to be visible online. A few decades ago companies fought for the place on the billboards or on the first page of Yellow Pages. Now they fight to rank the first on the first page of Google.

If you happened to be an expert with an advanced knowledge of SEO you will easily find a client. Actually, if you prove to be a good SEO the prospective clients will find you. No doubt about that. If you really get your clients on the first page of Google you will be making money like crazy.

How To Start A Virtual Assistant Business By Taking Care Of Email Management?

Email communication is absolutely the most popular way of communication that exists. No matter what else you try email communication will remain the most popular way of communication. Everybody uses emails and everybody has an email address.

However, not everyone has enough time to manage their email correspondence. This goes especially for large companies and very busy businessmen. Virtual assistant needed is what those people say when it comes down to VA for their email management. is a great place where you can advertise your services as an email manager. Offer to watch their email and plus that you can do a customer support via email. This occupation is very much in demand right now.

Social Media Manager

Social media accounts are essentials for all businesses today. They all need to have their social media profiles. It’s a MUST HAVE. Lots of big businesses are willing to pay big money for regular maintenance of their social profiles.

I bet you have all the skills needed to take care of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram profiles for someone who is willing to pay for it.

Let’s say that your client needs you to run his company’s Facebook business page. You would have to take care of comments every day, post status updates. You would have to edit images, joining other Facebook groups posting on them, and basically, you’d be promoting the company’s name.

virtual assistant needed

Web Design Manager

A professional looking website is pretty hard to create. Especially if you start doing it right from the scratch. But, if you love your computer and kinda now your way around the programs and if you know how to code, you’re up to the job. You should definitely try. You can even team up with other people to work together on solving problems concerning web design. Working in groups can be very beneficial to learning new skills and overall acquiring new knowledge.

You could really end up making some serious money from home doing web design!

“Virtual Assistant Needed” Where To Find That?

I’ve mentioned one or two websites where you can find the job as a VA. To become a virtual assistant is literally impossible without the specialized website where you can offer your services and eventually get hired. Those are:

This is it! This is what you need to get started as a Virtual Assistant and to make money doing it. If you think I forgot something or I went too far with explaining it all, drop me a line so we could discuss it all.

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