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Inbox Blueprint Review

This Inbox Blueprint Review will be given to you first hand. It means that I am a proud member of Inbox Blueprint community. Anik Singal likes to call us “The Inboxers”

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To be completely honest with you, I was a big skeptic about the whole Inbox Blueprint program. It sounded too good to be true.

You know how smart people say “If it seems too good to be true then it probably is”. This simple rule goes for almost any other online program that I’ve tried. But, luckily for me and for you, Inbox Blueprint is exactly too good not to be true, if you know what I mean. It really is a complete business in ONE BOX.

What Is Inbox Blueprint & What Will You Learn Through Inbox Blueprint Review

So, what exactly is Inbox Blueprint and what can Inbox Blueprint do for you? It’s a program that teaches you step-by-step how to build an online business through email marketing. This is the reason behind this all “Inboxer” thing.

One of the very first things I have heard about making money online was “the money is in the list”. What kind of list? what is on that list? I was asking all these silly questions.

The program says that each subscriber’s email is worth $1 a month. So if you have 1,000 subscribers on your list, then you’ll make $1,000 per month. Simple math.

The Inbox Blueprint was developed by Anik Singal who was named as top 3 young entrepreneurs by “Businessweek” and by “Inc 500”. He and his team literally takes you by the hand and shows you how to create a successful online business. All that from scratch.

I mentioned the team of people that work along with Anik Singal with Inbox Blueprint students. Those are the associates who have had similar success and now they all have teamed up in Inbox Blueprint project.

Inbox Blueprint Review

Important Facts About Inbox Blueprint

  • Product Name: Inbox Blueprint
  • Author / Owner: Anik Singal
  • Price: $1,497
  • Official Website:

First edition of Inbox Blueprint was worth 3 payments of $97 while the newest edition brings an increased price, but with the higher price comes a much more value. Important to add that this new version has no upsells. 

The Inbox Blueprint review brings you System 2.0 that has much more value added. One of the best ones is the Launchpad

What Is Launchpad?

Launchpad is an automated software that creates your email marketing campaign in only a few clicks. It includes an opt-in page, a free report, auto-responder emails.

The Launchpad allows you to set up your opt-in page or a quiz page very quickly and very efficiently. To make things even better and easier for you there are over 9,000 pieces of articles for you to use (that means no content writing for you or even hiring freelancers to do that for you).

There is no need for you to have a website. However, you need a domain name based email address. There is also no need to have a hosting account.

Apart from Launchpad, there is a lot more that Inbox Blueprint has to offer. I’m gonna mention 12 months unlimited support, a complimentary SendLane Autoresponder – 30 days free.

Inbox Blueprint Review

#1 Bonus: Publish Academy

#2 Bonus: List Academy

#3 Bonus: 6 Weeks Fast Start Program

Quite a lot here at the Inbox Blueprint.


Inbox Blueprint Review

Inside The Inbox Blueprint Training – Inbox Blueprint Review

If you want to be good at something, let alone to be very successful at it, you do need some kind of knowledge. An understanding of your business, knowing your stuff, right? You have to know and understand your business, your niche and your market. After all, you are not going to be selling stuff to your customers. No, you are going to be helping your subscribers… That is the mindset you need to have.

Here are the Inbox Blueprint modules

#1 Introduction

This course is all about creating your BUSINESS using email marketing to do it. Here in the introduction of the Inbox Blueprint, you will get to understand the Business. You will get the overview understanding of the entire Blueprint Model. Generating the revenue with this model is the pivot idea behind the Introduction module.

Like I have mentioned already, Anik Singal is not alone here. There is actually a small army of very successful entrepreneurs who work along Anik Singal on Inbox Blueprint project. Awesome coaches, I promise!

#2 Addiction Meter

In this step Inbox Blueprint Review, I’ll be talking about how you are gonna find several niches that you are going to cover in your email marketing business. Not every niche is quite that good and suitable for email marketing niche.

Some niches have a lot bigger potential to make you a lot of money and some niches simply don’t. Email marketing requires that you put an initial investment into your business. That especially goes for those who don’t have an email list to start with. So if no one is buying the products that you sell, then you’re doomed to fail.

Here at this module, you really have to put emphasis on picking and researching the niche. After all, you need a niche where there is a huge demand for the products you are going to promote. One example is online business niche.

This module also shows you a few websites that can help you select a product within your niche to promote. There are also a few more very effective methods of finding profitable niches

#3 The Bait

The first two modules were still kind of introduction in what you will be learning in the next modules. In “the Bait” module, things are starting to look more serious and more in-depth.

Once you got your niche picked and researched, you start creating so-called “the bait”. The bait is essentially something that will make your audience say yes and opt-i

n to your list. It’s usually a FREE PDF report that makes your audience make this small first commitment.

Here in this module, Anik and his team teach you how to build an opt-in page right from the scratch. They teach you what kind of designs work and what designs don’twork.

The important thing about this is to mention that not all the data is important to collect. It is said that only basic data matters and that is only an email. The email is really all that is really important to start building the list.

Since I have gone through the entire training, in this Inbox Blueprint Review I would like to emphasize how important it is to stick to the basics that Anik teaches you here.

If you decide to take this program and start learning these techniques very seriously, I truly believe you can make money! Even though nothing is certain in this world if you follow the steps you will make money!

#4 TYP Method

This module called the TYP – thank you page method is what sets the Inbox Blueprint apart from the majority of other email marketers. You will learn all about the perfect strategy that you are going to need for your thank you page. This strategy will result in much higher conversion results and what is the most important, you will start generating income the very first day you start collecting the subscribers.

Don’t expect me to tell you everything. I could get in trouble for that. However, the TYP method is really very efficient and money making trick that you’re gonna learn and hopefully use in your own strategy.

This Inbox Blueprint Review was meant to help you not to make the mistake that many email marketers do. They simply never use this trick which is why they often fail in their business.

What Is The Most Common Mistake Email Marketers Make?!

#5 Email Machine

In email marketing, everything revolves around sending emails. That is the pivotal thing there and nothing else comes even close. If you want to send emails to your list you would need some king of Autoresponder. Only if you have a list of your friends, like 10 of them, in that case, you don’t need it 🙂 Just kidding. You NEED AUTORESPONDER!

What Autoresponder does is it basically sends automatic emails to your subscribers when they sign up to your list. You basically set a series of automated emails.

Just imagine coordinating all the email correspondence by yourself. That would be just unimaginable and horrifying.

Inbox Blueprint is Integrated with Sendlane autoresponder service, which gives you 30 days free trial.

#6 Email List Relationship

A good relationship with your list means more $ in your pocket. A bad relationship with your list means absolutely opposite. Very little $$ in your pocket and not very active list.

Unlike the majority of other email marketing programs, Inbox Blueprint focuses on building a relationship with your subscribers. Others just focus on sell, sell, sell. Subscribers recognize that as an abuse of a sort. That’s why they tend to leave and never come back.

It is not all about promoting products. There is a lot in building trust and providing value to your subscribers.

Anik has done a lot of good quality work putting together a training like this.

#7 Payday Secrets

I as an author of Inbox Blueprint Review and a proud owner of Inbox Blueprint can say that this module is probably the most exciting one. It’s not that others are less exciting, but here is where the money really is.

This is where it all comes together. It’s exactly what you need to know on how to get paid!

In this module, you will learn these things:

  • Stats and Tactics to Increase Your Earning
  • Monetization & Relationship Building
  • Monetization with Affiliate Programs
  • Promoting Product Launches
  • Event-Based Marketing
  • Using Webinars To Sell Affiliate Products
  • Adding Bonuses to Your Promotion For Higher Conversions
  • Offering Your Own Product

These Payday Secrets module is really jam-packed with very useful information. I’m sure not only email marketers will find it useful.

#8 Easy Traffic

To increase the amount of traffic going to your opt-in page, you really need one of these two things: Money or Time.

With an email marketing, you always want to have a steady stream of traffic. Especially beneficial would be to have a stream of new people that visit your opt-in page.

Above all, you need that traffic to grow.

If you don’t have a lot of money, and you happened to have a lot of time, then you can literally pick which one of the free ways of getting traffic to choose.

Inbox Blueprint Review is going to give you an idea where to find a way how to get lots of traffic very easily. Here are the FREE ways of getting an easy traffic by Inbox Blueprint.

  • Guest Blogging
  • Forums
  • Blog Commenting
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo! Answers
  • Solo Ad Swaps
  • Solo Ads

Paid Ways:

  • Solo Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads

Inbox Blueprint Review

A Word Of Advice

The Inbox Blueprint Review was meant to give you an idea of what this entire Inbox Blueprint is. Is it legit or is it a hype?

It’s absolutely legit business which I would gladly recommend to every one of you who want to explore the secrets of email marketing.

Even though it may be a little overwhelming to people with no online business experience, it is absolutely perfect especially for those with little to no experience at all.

Why Did I Just Say That?

Simply because Inbox Blueprint has all that anyone should ever need to start a profitable online business.

So if you have any experience with Inbox Blueprint feel free to share and leave a comment.

Take care.

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