Internet Jetset Review | Is It A Scam Or Is it Worth Your While?

internet jetset review

In this Internet Jetset Review, I’ll help you decide for yourself whether Internet Jetset is good for you or not. Since you are here reading these words you have probably heard of John Crestani affiliate marketing, right? I’ve been seeing him all over on YouTube and I’m pretty sure you have too. 🙂 This is exactly why I wanted to share this article with you.

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Internet jetset

After all, John is a very well known person in the internet business indeed. He has been present in some of the most prominent business publications in the world. Those are for example Business Insider and Forbes. He was also interviewed on Fox, Check that out, I’m sure you would like it. 

He is a true success story who made it big and who went from absolutely nothing to well over $500k per month. Those are some very impressive numbers.

What Is Internet Jetset And What You Will You Get From This Internet Jetset Review

Internet Jetset is step by step training course designed by the affiliate marketers for the affiliate marketers. The Internet Jetset Review is gonna show you how The Internet Jetset works. It is the course that teaches people how to use free platforms such as Google, YouTube, and Facebook all in order to make passive income online.

While we are here at the beginning I must mention that there are lots of conflicting opinions related to this product.

Some people see Internet Jetset as a pure scam, while others see it as a real lifesaver and they wouldn’t trade it for any other program that is out there.

Who is to be trusted? John Crestani affiliate marketing is very interesting to be honest! I would love to leave that to you so you could decide for yourself.

This is exactly why I decided to do a little deeper research on my own into this very interesting product.

internet jetset review

How Does John Crestani affiliate marketing System Work?

John Crestani internet marketing course is a Training Course and anyone who wants to get access to the program can check out this free webinar. It will explain it all in great details to you!

Internet Jetset basically offers 1 type of course and 2 types of add-ons that you might be interested in.

The One-Time Complete Internet Jetset Course ($47)

It is a basic package that consists of the step-by-step course.

it is divided into 10 modules, and the course is basically showing you how to make your very first online commission. By the way, John Crestani affiliate marketing is showing you how to do it within your first 2 hours after joining the Internet Jetset. You are learning how to choose your niche and your offers.

You are learning how to take advantage of Google and its own extremely useful Keyword Planner Tool. There is learning how to use YouTube and Facebook for your business, how to combine Amazon with Facebook to earn some quick cash.

You are learning how to set up a WordPress site and basics of copywriting, as well as learning how to find long tail keywords.

Besides all the technical stuff about running your online business, Internet Jetset is teaching you how to prepare your mind for running your own business. It is teaching you how to overcome your limits and how to fight the “enemy” that is forcing you away from your business.

There is also a lot of discussion about the “Shiny Object Syndrome” that is forcing you away from your goal. It’s teaching you how to overcome it actually.

$47 Monthly Subscription 

This package has access to Jetset LIVE included. I thought it would be fair to mention in this Internet Jetset Review that there is a monthly subscription involved here. So what it is all about the subscription?

John Crestani’s Jetset Live webinars are exclusive to those who subscribe to this package. There you can learn the most recent information right from the very source.

Even though its name is JetSetLIVE it is actually not live at all. It is, however, a collection of recorded webinars from John Crestani’s affiliate workshops. There are even other internet marketing pros included.

In my opinion, this is a small fee for the amount of value you will get from that particular subscription.

Join FREE Webinar Hosted Exclusively By John Crestani

Things I Liked About Internet Jetset

I have to be honest with you and tell that in John Crestani affiliate marketing you can find far more good things about Internet Jetset than the bad ones of course. That’s why this particular Internet Jetset Review is gonna show you all of them. 🙂

  • Updated Info – The Internet Jetset modules are regularly updated. That means you will get extra information even months after you have made your purchase. It’s very reasonable to have all the information updated regularly right? Many other courses just don’t do that. Once you buy those you can forget about any further updates.
  • The prices are quite reasonable – One of the good things about the Internet Jetset is that you get tons of very useful information on affiliate marketing for an extremely reasonable price. The start is $47 course, which can be upgraded to monthly subscription whenever you’re ready for it. That is something that is gonna take you to the next level.
  • Mindset change – What you really need to succeed online is the right mindset. What I wanted to emphasize in this Internet Jetset Review is exactly that. This is what makes all the difference. those who make it from those who don’t make it. In this John Crestani affiliate marketing there are modules added that help you get the right mindset for your online success.
  • Free stuff – Once you’re in internet Jetset you’re not left to be working on your own, there is a way to schedule free coaching call, you can create your free website, or even download free ebooks and audiobooks. There is lots of additional material at your disposal as well.
  • Affiliate program for you –  If anyone of you guys wants to promote Internet Jetset in order to make some extra cash, this is for you! John Crestani has made that available to you via ClickBank
  • A community of fellow affiliates – There are tons of options of support. From FAQ page along with the Helpdesk, all the way to email support. There also the forum and JetSet Facebook group where you can find some answers. You will always have someone to talk to if you have any type of question about your project.
  • Skip-a-month – What is Skip-a-month? That is a genuinely great feature that Internet Jetset is offering. If for any reason you want to continue learning from Internet Jetset, and you happened to be strapped for cash, you can then activate “skip-a-month” feature to delay your payment for 30 days. That is extremely cool, right? That shows how Internet Jetset wants you to succeed. This one is a very big plus if you ask me.

Things I Disliked About Internet Jetset

Even though there are lots more of good stuff about the program, in this Internet Jetset Review I will also mention a few of not so good stuff.

  • Not so much info on paid traffic – For anyone who is new to internet marketing, John Crestani affiliate marketing system is a really amazing program. John Crestani in his program simply doesn’t force newbies into various expensive marketing techniques. However, if you’re trying to find a reliable information on paid traffic, you simply won’t find a lot of information on that subject.

Is Internet Jetset Worth Your While Or Is It Just Another Scam?

As I mentioned earlier in this article, the founder together with his course and the entire Internet Jetset program is 100% legit.

Now that we have cleared that out of the way I have to say that the Internet Jetset is a training program and your success is heavily dependant on how well you’re able to follow all the information within the course.

John Crestani, the lead man behind the Internet Jetset makes an extra effort in helping other affiliates succeed. He simply doesn’t leave you without a proper support once you purchased the product.

John Crestani affiliate marketing system encourages all the members to take action in order to make a success. With his active presence on the Facebook group literally shows how much he cares.

Join This FREE Webinar Hosted Exclusively By John Crestani

Should You Start Your Online Journey With Internet Jetset?

if you feel like you are ready to start your online journey, the Internet Jetset Is exactly a comprehensive course that you need. It’s absolutely the top product to start with. I really hope that I managed to provide enough information in this Internet Jetset Review for you.

The product is more than affordable, with all the stuff needed to get you going. It’s perfectly designed for both complete newbies and for more advanced internet marketers.

Besides investing in Internet Jetset program, have in mind that you would have to get your own domain name and hosting. Those are services that need an investment, however, that investment is rather small. A domain name will cost you no more than $10 for the most expensive .com domain. Hosting service will cost you around $3 a month.

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So be prepared to spend a rather small amount on those necessary services.

John Crestani is a very accomplished businessman who is constantly there for you. You simply won’t be left behind.

The Internet Jetset does include both technical stuff needed for you to build your business, and it includes the aspect of building the right mindset for achieving the goals.

In this Internet Jetset review, I already have mentioned how important it is to have that healthy mindset. Without it, you would just have lots of problems such as poor time management and procrastination.

The Internet Jetset platform is very well designed and it’s user-friendly which is very important for any newbie out there. All the webinars and other educational materials are easily understandable and accessible.

Join This FREE Webinar Hosted Exclusively By John Crestani

As a final thought, I have to say that the Internet Jetset is an excellent step-by-step guide that teaches their students the techniques of making money online.

Therefore, I feel free to encourage you to see the John Crestani’s Free Webinar and decide for your self whether Internet Jetset is the right program for you or not.

Thanks a lot for reading this Internet Jetset Review!

Please feel free to comment or ask anything related to this John Crestani affiliate marketing system. I will make sure to answer all the questions and requests that you might have.


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