How To Make $50 A Day With No Experience And No Website

Make $50 A Day

How is possible to make $50 a day? Or I should ask is it even possible to make $50 a day? The answer is YES. And that is only a beginning of your money making journey.

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Even though $50 a day is only a stop to bigger and more serious money, many people give up long before they even start making only a little money. They simply let their heads be filled with the ideas like “easy money”,  “fast cash”, and “simple websites”.

I’m telling you that there is no such thing as easy, fast and simple when it comes to making money online. It simply is not the way to start the online business. Thousands and thousands won’t come your way just because you are who you are.

How To Make $50 A Day? (At Least)

Let’s start with the story about how things work in life in general. By the way, they work exactly the same in all aspects of life in general.

Remember that to make $50 a day is only a station towards more money and a better life. Once you get to $50 a day things start to look completely different. Even though $50 is not a big money, you, however, had to learn a lot of things, and you know a lot of things that got you to your $50 “station”.

From there it snowballs and all the efforts you’ve put in getting yourself to that $50 point, builds a momentum and kinda takes on a life of its own and continues to grow with almost no effort from your part. Whatever you do you score! Can You imagine that? Imagine, and work for it!

One Of The Ways To Get You To $50 A Day

The one skill that most of you guys have and that you absolutely can use starting today is your English. You all speak it and you all can write English in a conversational fashion. That is all you need in order to start your money making quest.

Many people just start their online business as freelance writers. It’s very easy, reliable and easy way of making money on the side. It’s so easy that you can do it after work or even on weekends. If you prove yourself as a good writer you can easily get regular clients which will be more than happy to pay top dollar for your services.

You can easily make $15 to $20 for 500 words. That simply can’t take you more than 30-45 minutes to write. Imagine how easy it is to make $50 a day doing a simple writing job.

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The Strategy That Will Easily Make $50 A Day For You!

One of the best things about this strategy is that you don’t have to own a website. It is very simple, reliable and very quick. If you prove yourself as a good writer, after a while you’ll be able to scale up to well over $100 a day.

It’s all about writing simple articles as a freelance writer. You probably have heard about people making great money freelance writing and getting paid for it.

This strategy is all about writing and it goes like this:

  • Here you register at iWriter so you can get to work on your articles.
  • You won’t be writing your text at all, you will instead dictate your text in order to save time.
  • All that’s left is to collect the money you made. 🙂

What Is iWriter And How Does it Work?

For anyone who doesn’t know anything about iWriter I need to say that iWriter is one of the best online services for ordering written content. If you, for example, need a content for your blog about dogs you will easily find someone and most probably multiple writers who will love to write an article for you.

After your article is posted it will be visible for all authors to write it for you. If you come here as an author, you can simply accept any article and just start writing it. Ther is absolutely no need for you to apply for the articles and to wait for an approval. Simply take it and start your writing. This is truly one of the cool benefits of IWriter.

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How Much Will You Earn With iWriter?

You take 81% of what the buyer pays for at iWriter. The buyer pays the price depending on the experience and quality of the author.

make $50 a day

So these are the prices for the customers. You get 81% of that price, wherever you find yourself.

After you start your journey as a brand new writer, you obviously get to be “standard” level author. After you’ve worked on a number of projects and have been there a while you will naturally progress. There are better-paid ranks where you can easily progress. You can check them out on the picture above. Your goal is naturally to be the Elite Plus writer 🙂 . You get paid top dollar for being the elite writer, and there is plenty of work for you as an elite writer.

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How To Start With iWriter And Make $50 A Day?

This part is actually extremely easy. All you need to do is to register as a writer. You will need to fill out the standard basic information such as the username and password an so on. You know the drill right?

After that, all you need to do is to start looking for some work.

make $50 a day

As a newbie here you’ll be applying only for “standard” jobs. Don’t let that discourage you, and make sure that you do complete all your work with absolutely high quality. That approach will help you climb much faster through the ranks and pretty soon you will find yourself being a “premium” author.

One advice is that you do read the instructions as detailed as possible. The other one is that you get to work right the moment you picked up a project. It’s because you have no more than 3 hours to complete and deliver the job.

Important Steps For Writing Articles At iWriter

One more time I need to stress how important it is to read carefully the what the assignment says. So after you get to know all you have to know about the assignment it’s time to get moving.

Let’s say that you picked up the assignment about open rates in email marketing. The first thing you want to do is to find a couple of great articles on the similar subject. Just use good old, or you could just go to Pinterest which is an equally good search engine as well.

Then you need to read the articles to find what you like the best for your opening and for your closure of the paragraphs. Don’t even think about copying and pasting of course.

Those openings and closures are gonna be used to REPRODUCE the content in your own words. Remember that I mentioned at the beginning that you are going to dictate the text in order to save time. For that, you will use a speech recognition tool to do the job and to save some time.

I bet now you are getting how to make $50 a day just by writing content.

How To Convert Your Speech Into Text?

There are plenty of services which can do the job of converting speeches into texts. However, the best one is at the same time free service. It’s called Google Web Speech.

What it actually does is the Google Web Speech produces the content much quicker than you could ever type manually. Such a great help for the majority of us who don’t have the sill to write quickly enough.

After you’ve done with your recording, you’ll have to go over the text to correct any small issue like punctuation. For that, I suggest you use Grammarly. It’s a free service for checking your punctuation and grammar as well. The great thing about it is that it’s also free service. You can actually upgrade it to get even better service, just for you to know.

The buyers of your work will then assess the quality of your work. If you’ve done your work correctly you just might be on the way to make your first cash as a writer.

From that point, it’s up to you how quickly you want to progress with accumulating good ratings and promote yourself into Premium, Elite, or even Elite Plus writer. Remember, with promotion you get to be paid better.


If you happened to like this strategy or you might have an even better idea, drop me line and I’ll be delighted to hear from you!


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    Till now i’ve made some money using this method Here you can do some 100bucks a day easy!! 100% Guarantee!
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