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make money dropshipping

Do You Want To Make Money Dropshipping & What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping by definition is a fulfillment model that allows you to buy products individually from a wholesaler and ship them directly to your customer. Which means you will make money dropshipping!

Dropshipping is essentially a low-risk shipping and business tactic because the salesperson has no need to spend large amounts of money on inventory. This is what it means to make money drop shipping. It is a highly desirable method for any new entrepreneur because of the high success rate. Above all, at basically no cost. And, furthermore, it is a good way to monetize a website.

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make money dropshipping

As a dropshipper you are a middleman between the wholesaler or the manufacturer and the buyer. You do not own the product that you sell. On the other hand, the dropshipper typically makes the most of the profits. It really puts the dropshipper at the advantage over other retailers because of the ability to spend profits on marketing tactics. That is very important to have in mind.

Dropshipping is beneficial for lots of reasons. First of all, dorpshippers are able to offer a lot more products than other retailers. That is easy because dropshipper can easily be associated with numerous wholesalers. Due to not purchasing the items, dropshippers don’t lose money from having a large inventory.

This method runs from anywhere in the world, as long as the dropshipper has an internet connection. To make money dropshipping sound really doable, right?

Drop Shipping Works! How?

You got to know some of the basics, I’ll discuss some of the basics of dropshipping. It’s a rather simple concept that involves very little work for the dropshipper’s part. This is why Make Money Dropshipping is so cool and many people engage with it.

A dropshipper is going to work with a wholesaler or manufacturer, or he may be independent. The wholesaler doesn’t necessarily have to know who the dropshipper sells their products to. That is completely legit because the dorpshipper is still purchasing the items from the wholesaler. It means that the wholesaler is still selling their products and is receiving the money from the products that are being sold in the process.

It is common courtesy, to tell the truth though. The wholesaler will usually ask within an order if you have an online store. One way to get around answering a question involves working with Dropshipping Directories. That way dropshipper are aware of the dropshipping because they affiliated themselves with the directory.

A customer orders the items from the drop shipper’s store or domain and the dropshipper places that order. It is highly recommended for the dropshipper to keep their wholesaler a secret. Yes! The secret! The customer’s knowledge and the knowledge of other fellow dropshippers. There is no money to be made if a customer is aware of a much cheaper price.

How Hard Is It To Become A Dropshipper

We know what dropshipping is and how it works. Knowing all that does not make you an expert. It all sounds so cool right now, but there’s a lot of work to be done. There’s entire learning process behind it all. This step by step guide will be helpful to you. A potential dropshipper must start thinking about what is more and what is less important. That is called prioritizing.

Finding a wholesale company is generally step one to becoming a dropshipper. A wholesaler will be the source of your supplies. So it is important to know a few things before setting up their items. The wholesaler’s shipping methods should be in the dropshipper’s information. Any other requirements, return policies, and payment options are up to the wholesaler as well.

Now that you know the basics of becoming a dropshipper, you are ready to start. Building an internet presence by finding a domain name as a starter. Then, there is a website to start, and marketing your products is the next step.

Finding A Domain Name

The first step really involves making a mark. Your future domain name will become a brand. Just imagine the process of making up a domain name for the owner of KISSMETRICS or the owner of  MAKINGSENSEOFCENTS. I bet they never had a clue how big they would get. That’s why you need to think hard when deciding about the domain name.

For that I recommend a website called “Impossibility“. People say about that site to be the best domain name generator ever. Could be true. Try that.

Domain name just by itself doesn’t mean a thing. You need a hosting company to host your domain right? For hosting I absolutely recommend Siteground hosting.

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Domain names are incredibly cheap. The price of the domain rises with the quality of the domain. For example, a .com domain name is more expensive than a .us domain name. A majority of them run on a single pay per year basis, meaning that dropshippers literally pay cents per month.

How To Start A Dropshipping Website

One thing is a must have in order to make money dropshipping. That thing is a website. So, what do we need to start a website? There are two basic things that are required to start a website: one is a domain name and two is hosting. Domains are an extremely cheap investment, but hosting is a little bit trickier.

After choosing both, receiving viewers is the next step. A high-quality marketing strategy is the dropshipper’s best bet, and that requires pre-planning and involvement in the market.

Choosing a domain name and hosting company is easy part really. A website needs time and nurturing. Once a dropshipper chooses a domain after finding a profitable market, they will begin posting items. Lots of methods are all about bringing the profits to the site.

These methods include, but are not limited to, advertising, guest posting, commenting, social media, newsletters, and creating a blog. Each method has positives and negatives, and at least half of them require more money.

Another method of starting a dropshipping website involves another business or a person doing all the work. A dropshipper may purchase a spot on an eCommerce platform to receive the advice, marketing strategies, tactics, and publicity all in one.

There are plenty eCommerce platforms out there, and they all are designed to save time for a dropshipper. They are generally the safest and most beneficial methods for dropshippers.

The Best eCommerce Platforms

To actually make money dropshipping you really need some kind of a platform to help you. Some of the most popular eCommerce platforms include Shopify, Magento, Spark Shipping, and BigCommerce. Those site

make money dropshipping

s charge monthly fees, and they want the piece of your transactions. However, they offer domain hosting, a wide range of editing, unlimited item posting, and many other features. So it’s not all taking from you, there is also a giving back 🙂

make money dropshipping


These eCommerce platforms allow future business owners to create an online store.

To make money dropshipping is getting extremely easier with it.

Free Dropshipping Directories

There are a lot of those around the internet. Most of these directories are free way to find wholesalers in the dropshipping industry. To make money dropshipping this way is not as easy as with the paid ones. Nevertheless, there is a way. Certain free companies have only a few requirements. Those requirements may include a link back to their site or paying a small fee per sale.

Best Directories To Make Money Dropshipping

Remember, even though the wholesaler is doing the service, it is the retailer’s reputation that is on the line. The entire method is trial-and-error, but error can be avoided by asking the right questions.

Here are a few directories to get you started:

A dropshipping company should have a wide range of supplies to choose from. The free companies are meant to be as general as possible. The retailer’s job is to narrow the selection.

To Make Money Dropshipping. Easy or…

Like any other serious thing in life, you will have to be very determined and committed to dropshipping. Knowing that you are already 100% committed to your 9-5 soul-sucking jobs, that doesn’t sound so bad, right? 🙂

I must say that a majority of items can be sold with a large profit. If an item is smaller, easier and cheaper to ship, and typically of less value, you literally can choose how big the profit will be. Completely opposite happens with more expensive items. They have to be sold at a much higher price to make some profit.

How To Market Your Store

Marketing is extremely important if not the most important. There are lots of methods to market your business.

Sharing your store’s content on social media with your following can be advantageous. Millions of users log in to their profiles daily. Everyone should use that fact to their own advantage.

Effective marketing is at the heart of every business. The methods of the dropshipper determine the success of their own business.

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