9 Best Ways To Make Money Online Legitimately In 2018

Make Money Online Legitimately

Now is the absolute best time for you to make money online legitimately. The great thing about the internet is that there are such a big number of possibilities for you to start an online business. No matter where you really live on this planet, as long as you have an internet connection, you can start a business. Above all, you can make money online legitimately. Lots of money!

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You can use that money to start working for yourself. That means if you hate waking up early in the morning, going to work for someone else, and being there 9 to 5. You can leave all that and work in your own company. You can easily call it a company if you wish 🙂 .How does that sound?

Probably the best part about making money online is that there are so many ways to actually do it. It is very likely you are going to find a profitable online business in a niche you are interested in.

The coolest one of the cool things about internet business is that is so easy to get started. You literally don’t need any investment at all. All you actually need is a domain name and a hosting service. You do these few little things and you’re completely ready. Most online money making businesses take very little money to invest. The only thing you really have to invest is your time and some effort to make things right.

In this post, I’ll try to explain what online businesses you can try this year that would probably make you money.

1. Blogging

The very first way to make money online legitimately is blogging. Tha fact you are reading this right now is making you a person who is very likely gonna be successful in blogging.

In this short article about blogging, I’m not even trying to make you believe that blogging is easy or that you’re gonna make money the moment you decide you’re gonna be a blogger.

It is however very possible to launch a blog that will with time, of course, start making you money. Not only a little money as a pocket money but a lot of money that will help you go PRO BLOGGING. So you could forget 9-5 soul-sucking job and start living again.

At the beginning you can start supplementing your income with a little extra money to pay for some of your treats or you can create a blog that will support your lifestyle that you can pretty much make as much as you like from your blogging business. You will, however, have to be ready to put in the hard work for the second option.

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2. Affiliate Marketing

To make money online legitimately in 2018 using affiliate marketing will be a very popular choice for lots of marketers in 2018. This is because affiliate markets serve very well for both parties here. The members of affiliate programs get to earn a little extra income and the company behind gets more and more exposure for themselves.

There are 4 main marketing trends for you to be aware of if you want the best possible ROI:

  1. Content & SEO.
  2. Videos will work for you better than you can imagine.
  3. Native Ads are going crazy.
  4. Go mobile or be gone.

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3. Selling On Amazon To Make Money Online Legitimately

Right now selling products on Amazon seems to be almost too easy. The only thing you have to do is to find a product with a good ratio of margin/demand and you can go list it on Amazon. It will eventually sell for sure. It’s because Amazon’s reach is immense. It’s crazy how well that works.

All you need here is only 5 things to start selling on Amazon: You need a product to sell, an Amazon account, product listing, a way to manage inventory, and you need a process to ship orders.

The learning how to sell on Amazon is very easy and straightforward.

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4. Dropshipping

Dropshipping by definition is a fulfillment model that allows you to buy products individually from a wholesaler and ship them directly to your customer. It definitely is one of the best ways to make money online legitimately. Dropshipping is a business where you as a salesperson don’t have any need to spend any money on inventory.

That is exactly what means to be in drop shipping business. It is a highly desirable method for any new entrepreneur just because of high success rate.

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5. Your Own YouTube Channel

YouTube has created quite a large number of self-made celebrities of today. Those people have gained their audience only by creating an awesome content that circles mostly around teaching, entertaining, reviewing and just by being there all the time.

Most of those celebrities are there being popular just for fun really and of course to be in front of the audience. Making money from a YouTube channel probably wasn’t the reason to start making videos, but all the opportunities to earn money are way too cool the moment you realize how many of them there are actually.

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6. Selling Ebooks

The story about selling ebooks starts with the internet. It has changed our world completely, in so many ways. For example, a simple snail mail letter is changed with email. Almost no one makes a long distance phone call anymore. We have Skype for that and many similar cool applications for making long distance calls. There are just too many examples to mention.

One of the biggest disrupted industries, and at the same time the one that provides a great way to make money online legitimately is in book publishing. Especially publishing and selling those ebooks online.

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7. Freelance Writing

Many successful writers are actually full-time writers. They make a stable income and have absolutely no challenge finding new clients or getting more and more projects.

However, there are a lot more writers that barely make any money doing freelance writing. How to change this around, how to become a writer who attracts clients? How to become a writer that sets his own rules?

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8. Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is an attractive option to make money online legitimately. People are usually unaware of the lucrative opportunities that can be utilized by the adoption of remote computing technologies.

A virtual assistant provides the same services as a traditional administrative assistant. The only difference is that a virtual assistant does all the services remotely.

The questions like how much money can a virtual assistant make or how to find the very first gig as a virtual assistant or even how to establish yourself as a virtual assistant you can find in this full article: How To Become A Full-Time Virtual Assistant And Work From Home.

9. Flipping Websites

If you are wondering how to make money flipping websites, you will learn that it is actually not that hard. It’s actually a lot easier than you think. There’s no need for an advanced technical know-how at all.

Flipping websites are very much like flipping houses. Can be very profitable, but also can be a huge disappointment.

The questions about how to make money flipping websites, where to flip them and many other discover in this article: How To Make Money Flipping Websites – Start Flipping Today!

4 thoughts on “9 Best Ways To Make Money Online Legitimately In 2018

  1. JOHN MULINDI says:

    I think Flipping websites can be a good idea if someone knows how to develop new sites, drive traffic and bring them to market place for sale. It is an option you can try to make some extra cash.

    • Nice and Easy Living says:

      Hey John,

      I agree that flipping websites can be very lucrative. If you are a person who knows how to build a website you can literally build a website that makes a profit in only a couple of months. Then you can flip it for some serious money. After that you can go back to building some more 🙂

  2. Katie Kares says:

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