6 Ways To Make Money With A Simple Blog – For Newbies

6 ways to make money with a simple blog

Making money, in general, is one of my favorite things in life 🙂 .  Most recent one is to make money with a simple blog.

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One of the best ways you could make money with is blogging. To make money with a simple blog has been a source of income for a lot of people at least for a decade and a half now.

Almost any person willing to start a blog and willing to stay in it for at least let’s say a year is very likely to start earning some tangible cash.

That’s right! You heard me right.

Now, I’m not gonna talk about me or my success, since my success in an online world is not connected with blogging. I’m actually gonna talk about a success of a dear friend of mine who made it with blogging.

Well, three years ago, Natalie started blogging. She started from ZERO and went on to be making well over $3k per month just by blogging. All that while working full time.

You can make money blogging in several different ways. Here I have listed six different ways that you can get started making money blogging. They are now kinda most popular.


You can make money with blogging through advertising on your blog. This is the most direct way to make money on your blog. You do nothing other than put ads on your site. You can use different ad networks, like Google AdSense and Media.Net.

The more clicks and views your blog gets, the more money you make from ads. This is a very common way for bloggers to make money when they first start blogging because it’s pretty easy once you get traffic going to your blog.

Natalie used to make around $50 a month and now she makes around $1,500 a month only from ads. the formula is quite simple. The more your blog grows the more money your ads will generate for you.


You can make money with a simple blog by having sponsored posts on your blog. This means you’re paid for promoting someone else’s product or brand on your blog or in your social media. This could be a store, brand, product, or another website seeking exposure. Very often, this also comes in the form of writing reviews. Of course, it’s not always.

Sponsored posts are an easy way to make money online through your blog. it is less steady than other types of income. Quite a few bloggers make at least $1,000 per month from sponsored posts alone.


My absolute favorite way of how to make money with a simple blog is through affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing you are essentially selling other people’s products. This is when people make money through affiliate sales and after that they get affiliate commissions.

There are quite a few affiliate networks you can join online right now. Such as Flexoffers, CJ Affiliate or ClickBank. You also can be an affiliate to individuals as well.

There are countless affiliate opportunities with affiliate relationships online. This is how a lot of bloggers make their money, myself included. I love this way of making money blogging because you don’t have to create your own product to get going. You can sell someone else’s product and make money doing it.


You can make money blogging by selling your own digital products blogging.

This skill can be learned through many courses out there on the internet. I could put an affiliate link right here but that would be too obvious right now 🙂 . Instead, I’m just gonna talk about it for now. You can expect that in later posts guys.

Examples of digital products include selling printables, eBooks and eCourses.

Making money on your own blog by selling your own products is amazing because you have control of everything. You can create anything that is downloadable, and then charge money for it. It truly is amazing!

People make thousands uppon thousand of dollars a month alone by selling their own digital products (individually or as a course). This truly is a money maker!


Freelance writing is a great way to make money online when you start blogging. It’s technically not blogging on your own site, but it is lumped in with blogging in general. Freelance writing is where you get paid to write for other websites or blogs. You write content that is published on another site and that site pays you for it.

You can learn how to write a good copy by enrolling into one of those writing boot camps for writers.

Freelance writing is a great way to make money. I talk about how to start freelance writing here in my step by step guide. I know a couple people who have started freelance writing and it landed them $350+/post gigs. Pretty awesome!


You can make money blogging by doing VA work or tech work. Bloggers who do this work make money servicing other people’s blogs. I know a lot of people who start out doing VA work to get money coming in, then transition out of it after their blogs generate more income.

Read a super inspiring story about becoming a VA here.

If there is something that you can provide a service for online, then there is a market for you!


You can make money bogging through 1) ads, 2) sponsored posts, 3) affiliate marketing, 4) digital products 5) freelance writing, and 6) VA work.

If you haven’t made any money blogging yet, look into taking Make Money Blogging For Beginners. This course will teach you how to make your first $1,000 blogging. It will save you a ton of time and money down the road.

I personally love about blogging and the entire internet business stuff is that I can work from anywhere and anytime I really want.

I can work from my own apartment wearing nothing but my pajamas, or I can rent an office to have somewhre to go to work 🙂 .

Since this is my very first post on this blog, I’m inviting you to keep visiting my blog in the future.


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  1. Lisa says:

    Thank you for all the ideas and solutions for a beginner. I just started my blog and it will launch soon here so I need all the help I can get.

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