Making Money With ClickBank – All You Need To Know About It

Making Money With ClickBank

I have spoken about many ways to make money online. In today’s post, I’m going to cover something else than the programs from the previous post. So it’s going to be about ClickBank and making money with ClickBank as a ClickBank affiliate.

This post contains affiliate links. See affiliate disclaimer here.

If you are new and you have never visited my blog then you need to check out one of my previous posts about 6 ways to make money with a simple blog. That will help a little better to understand what it’s all about.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Long story short, affiliate marketing is a promotion of other people’s products to attract a sale earning a commission when the product is sold.

For example, if you happened to promote an ebook or a training that belongs to someone else you are an affiliate of that product you are promoting. When that product is sold, you get a commission from the sale of the product.

The commission rate depends on how generous the owner of the product wants to be.

There are many companies that promote affiliate marketing. This time though, this post is going to be on ClickBank.

What is ClickBank And Why is Making Money With ClickBank so easy?

ClickBank is essentially a website that hosts many affiliate products. Making money with ClickBank requires setting up a free account and select the product that you want to promote.

There are lots of ways you can promote these products. This short guide will take you on a step by step journey to starting with ClickBank and you may then decide which method of promotion you want to use.

All the time you want to promote or sell a ClickBank product you must remember these things:

  • You need somehow to promote the chosen ClickBank product. The most common way for promoting it is a website, but that doesn’t necessarily need to be a blog or a website with many pages.
  • You need a product which is preferably a popular one. This way it has a much higher potential to convert into a sale.
  • At the end, you need a lot of people to see a promoted product in order to get sales.

This short guide is going to teach you all, so let’s start.

The Guide to Making Money With ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

How To Choose A Niche

When starting ClickBank affiliate marketing, the very first thing you need to consider is the niche you would like to promote in.

Your niche ca really be any subject you can think of. That way you can decide, Here are the basic guidelines to assist you:

  • I suggest you choose three subject areas and then you decide which one you enjoy the most and you would feel comfortable building a business around it.
  • Do you really think you can genuinely help other people in that subject area? Then think about the subject area that would be most lucrative.
  • Which subject area has the most longevity? You want to choose a subject that is evergreen. Evergreen means that you can promote the topic all year long without it losing any relevance.
  • Do you think you can contribute to the desires of people and answer to their pain points when thinking about the subject?

Now that you have found the subject, don’t worry about changing the direction later on. You can always change your subject area depending on the response you get from your followers.

Creating A ClickBank Account

Create a free account with ClickBank right here. Start by clicking the grey button that says Create Account

making money with ClickBank 1

After you created your free account, you will enter your Personal information, Banking Information and Account Information.

In case you already have an account with ClickBank, you can move on.

Not all countries of the world support ClickBank, so if you are unable to create an account because of your location, you will be notified once you have entered information about your country.

ClickBank Categories

Now that you have created your account and you have chosen your niche you can select a product from the categories that are available on ClickBank.

To be able to do that you have to log into your account and select Marketplace from the menu at the top.

making money with ClickBank 2

Then you will be taken to the page below. On the left, you’ll see the categories that you can choose from.

making money with ClickBank 7

ClickBank Subcategories

In order for you to be making money with ClickBank, you really need to go deeper into specifics about your niche.

For example, if you select E-Business & E-Marketing make sure to choose the subcategory that best represents the sub-niche you would like to create your business in.

When selecting a niche, you never want to choose a broad niche. The reason for that is because there is so much competition in the marketplace that you need to stand out.

Even though there is a lot of competition it does not mean that you cannot find your place and be successful with it. Making money with ClickBank is very possible.

To be successful it’s very important to drill down the niche to asub-nichee where there is still a lot of demand and not so much competition.

To find yourself a sub-niche you can go to good old Google and see what people are searching for.

Using the E-Business & E-Marketing example I have typed a few simple keywords in Google and I’ve let the autocomplete give me a few ideas.

making money with ClickBank 3

As you can see, Google gives me 10 different sub-categories which represent what people are searching for the most. I can easily add these subcategories to my list and choose one of them.

Next step is to open the Google Keyword Planner tool which will help you see how many searches are carried out for the sub-niche category and how competitive it is.

To use the Google Keyword Planner tool, you must have a Google account. I do believe you already have one. If not, then start it right now.

Once you have logged in select Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category.

making money with ClickBank 4

Plug in each sub-niche you have found for your category into the box Enter your product or service and wait for the keyword results. Your search results will look something like this.

making money with ClickBank 55

I like the numbers of searches to be above 100 and it is even better if it is above 1k. Therefore a product that includes Affiliate sites would receive a good number of hits and is a product that I would search for in ClickBank.

If there is no particular product in ClickBank that closely matches your research results you can always switch to another niche. Nothing is going to happen if you change your niche direction.

Remember, you are doing it with the reader in mind. It’s the reader that you’re reaching out to. Making money with ClickBank or making money in any other way revolves around the end user. It’s always like that.

Choosing A Product

When choosing a product from ClickBank there are a few metrics to have in mind on the product menu to help you find those products that sell well.

making money with ClickBank 6

The most important metrick of all the metrics in ClickBank is the Gravity. There is also the avg. % sale and avg rebill total. I will try to explain them a bit.

Gravit score

ClickBank’s gravity score tells you how popular a product is among marketers. The higher the gravity score, the more likely the product converts well into sales.

So if you want to be making money with ClickBank you have to aim for hither gravity. It essentially means no less than the gravity of 30 and no more than 100. 

A very high gravity score such as that over 100 means that the product converts very well but it is also competitive.

To get great results for yourself you should aim for a gravity score of between 50 and 100. No more and no less. That should be a rule for you.

The Avg % Sale

Avg Rebill Total

This metric tells you whether the product is subscription based meaning that the purchase is a monthly recurring purchase or not.

This is actually a great opportunity for a passive income for you. Imagine selling once and receiving commissions on a monthly basis for something you sold way before. That is cool, right?

That is all about the ClickBank. All you need to know about it. Now you can dig in for yourself.

In the very beginning of this article, I mentioned the ways to promote ClickBank products. This subject is covered in another article. You should absolutely read it.

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