Using Pinterest And Affiliate Links – Step By Step Guide

pinterest and affiliate links

It’s a good time for having affiliate links on Pinterest. But, it hasn’t been always like this. Pinterest and affiliate links didn’t go well together in the past. Pinterest banned affiliate links in 2015 and allowed them back in 2016.

They have reportedly said that they have come up with such an algorithm which is now capable of detecting spam. That was the main reason for all the affiliate links banning in the first place. As an affiliate marketer, you need to know how to make money by adding your affiliate links to your pins. The guide that I have prepared will help you learn how to make the best out of Pinterest affiliate links.

This post contains affiliate links. See affiliate disclaimer here.

Firs, I need you to understand that Pinterest and affiliate links are still not a good match. They work together, but… Therefore, any mistake that you may make can get your account banned. You also have to make sure that your affiliate program allows you to post your affiliate links directly on social media platforms, especially on Pinterest. (Also, there are other ways to make money on Pinterest.)

When you’re all set, follow the steps mentioned down below to insert and to benefit from the Pinterest Affiliate links.

Step #1: Pin Most Relevant Images

pinterest and affiliate links

Many people think Pinterest is a social network. And, they are wrong about it. Pinterest is really a visual search engine no matter how you would like to use it. This is exactly why you need to pin the right images to make the most commissions from your affiliate links. This is where Pinterest and affiliate links go together pretty well. You should pin your own graphics which represent your blog post idea such as “Using Pinterest And Affiliate Links – Step By Step Guide”.

Those kinds of graphics should be linked to your blog post and not to a product page.

Well, if you want to add your affiliate link, you need to pin a picture of the product you are promoting. This way, whoever clicks on your pins knows what to expect from your pin.

Step #2: Edit Your Pins

When you ping a picture, you can directly insert your link. Or you can wait until you publish it first and then click on the edit button. So, when you do go back to edit button, you’ll find the box where you add the destination URL. That is usually the URL of your blog post. This time we are talking about the affiliate link of course.

pinterest and affiliate links 1

Important! When adding your affiliate links, you will have to use the full links rather than the shortened URL. The new rules from the Pinterest allow only the full links to be added. That way their algorithm can keep track of your links. This is Pinterest’s way of protecting the user experience.

Step #3: Optimize Your Pins

When adding your Pinterest affiliate links, you will have an opportunity to add a description to your pin. That way Pinterest and affiliate links will work together even better. Remember I mentioned that Pinterest is really a search engine and like all search engines, Pinterest uses that description to understand your pin and the image on the pin to show it to the most relevant audience who is looking for it. It is best to optimize the description for a keyword that you think your target audience enters in the search bar.

pinterest and affiliate links 2

You have around 200 words of description. Make sure you max that out or be close to it. You really want people to click on your affiliate links and you want to make a sale. If you just add a bunch of keywords, your description will not look readable and people who visit your link are not likely to click your link.

Step #4: Disclose Affiliation

If you are trying to make money with Pinterest affiliate marketing, you must disclose your affiliation. At the end of a product description, you add this (#affiliate) and let your readers know that you earn a commission if they happen to buy through your link. It is illegal to earn money without disclosing your affiliation. That is why I disclose my affiliation at the beginning of every blog post.

Step #5: You Want To Share Your Pins

If no one sees your pins, no one will buy through your link. That’s logical, right?. For you to profit out of your Pinterest affiliate links, you need a good reach. The best way to do so is to have a good following. I recently wrote a step-by-step guide for you to learn how to get more followers on Pinterest.

But the most important part of your success is really finding the right group boards to share your links in. You can create your own boards and follow your own guidelines. Or, you can find big group boards and join them, which is much easier. Usually, affiliate links are accepted as long as they are relevant to the board.

Step #6: Use More Than Just One Image

A mistake you can do when sharing your pins with affiliate links is to keep sharing the same image over and over again. Make sure you use as many as you can possibly come up with. If you have multiple products in the same blog post, use the original picture for each product. You can even use more than one picture for the same product. That increases your chances of making a sale.

Let’ Sum Up

Once you find what works best for the products you are promoting, just keep doing it. It won’t be easy for the first few times but once you figure out what works best for your audience you’ll be fine. Be patient and hard work will pay off.

You can build your own passive income machine using Pinterest and affiliate links together. The best thing about how to make money with affiliate links on Pinterest is that you don’t need a website at all. You just need to follow the guidelines of both Pinterest and the affiliate program that you are a part of. There is nothing else to worry about.





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