Smart Pinterest Tips For Bloggers You Absolutely Never Heard Of

Pinterest Tips For Bloggers

.Most of the tips on any subject on the internet are pretty old and outdated. So is with Pinterest tips for bloggers. You must have in mind that old means even a year old, even less than that.

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It’s usually very frustrating to be looking for new stuff that can be helpful.

Most of the articles you can find on that topic still have information about validation of your website or setting up rich pins. My grandma nows those information already.

Yes, we all need those, but also, we all know this by now. Thanks a lot! Those are beginners tips. Important, but beginners tips.

While I’m at it, I’ll just let you read about Pinterest basics here. If you haven’t done all the basic stuff, hurry up and get it done.

My point is that it’s hard to find real up to date tips and strategies these days.

In order to learn anything worthwhile, you must spend a lot of time just to pick up scraps of knowledge. Thankfully, there are smart guys who just happen to spend a lot of time online and get to learn a lot of stuff…

Smart Pinterest Tips For Bloggers You Absolutely Never Heard Of

The Power of BoardCommander

We all know that Pinterest is THE absolute best place to get traffic. Yes, of course. There are some things you have to do in order to be successful on Pinterest. By the way, if you had to do nothing else but sitting on Pinterest and pin and follow people all day, you would probably make a mistake which would lead to blocking of your account.

Your entire hard work would go down the drain. Not anymore though. I heard about the machines that could automate the entire process of following and pinning for me. The software I use to do all the automation for me is called BoardCommander.

The software such as the BoardCommander is a must have now that the Pinterest has changed the algorithm.

BoardCommander is really must have now if you are serious about growing your brand or blog on Pinterest.

It is absolutely vital to the success and fast growth of your account. They offer a free trial, so you can check it out for yourself before you are commited to anything.

You Have To Treat Pinterest Like It’s The Search Engine That It Really is

Remember! Pinterest is very much different from Facebook and Instagram. In fact, Pinterest is a search engine, while Facebook and Instagram are not. Plain and simple.

This means that the users are exactly telling you what they really want to see!

You don’t go on Facebook or Instagram and look for “Money”.  You interact with your friends, family and come across information when it goes viral and is shared by another user.

Pinterest, on the other hand, is where consumers go to look for information and solutions to their problems.

pinterest tips for bloggers

It is your job as a business person to really provide that information and solution for them. Use the search feature on Pinterest to see what people are looking for, and structure your blog topics around these keywords.

You Must Pin Manually Every Day

Many people including me are doing their scheduling (via BoardCommander or another platform of that kind), but they also have them manually pin every day as well. This is one of very important Pinterest tips for bloggers.

Pinterest rewards users who are active on their platform. That means very active. Not passive active (like those who auto schedule the tasks). The guys from Pinterest just know when you have 100% of your pins scheduled via a scheduler and when you aren’t manually pinning a single pin. Did you know this? I bet you didn’t.

Remember, you need to pin manually. As I said, one of most important Pinterest tips for bloggers.

Pinterest is actually going to favor those who really participate on their platform on a personal level rather than those who use Pinterest 100% for business.

pinterest tips for bloggers

The 80/20 Rule Is Not Going To Happen

A lot of people just follow the arbitrary 80/20 rule. They pin 80% other people’s content and only 20% of their own.

That is plain silly to do. Giving away free traffic to other people is silly! No disrespect to anyone.

We are here on Pinterest to grow our own brand! 

You are producing the BEST content and the BEST pins out there, you don’t have to feel bad about it! Keep pushing your content guys! People love it!

There is not a magic formula for pinning percentage, but pin almost 100% of your own content. Only a small fraction of other people’s content.

The only exception to this rule is when you are just starting out and you don’t have a lot of content yet. Then, of course, you have to pin other people’s content. 

Other people’s content will get more repins (because they’ve been around on Pinterest and are a trusted source on Pinterest – Pinterest gives their pins more attention), and this will help your boards grow faster in the beginning before your content really gets going.

Imagine how much more money you will make just by using this ratio. Exactly 4,5 times more. One of the most valuable Pinterest tips for bloggers out there guys!


Pin More Infographics

Remember the other people pins? When pinning other people’s pins, pin infographics!

It’s because they get a lot of repins, which helps your boards grow and get scored better, and they don’t really get many click-throughs.

All because infographics contain all the information you need right there on the pin. People basically get all the content from the pin and save it for later because it’s all nice and organized. So people don’t have to go to the website itself to look for more info.

This means that people stay on the Pinterest app and keep looking more content (aka have a better chance of seeing YOUR content!).

Be More Consistent

More about Pinterest hate spammers…

Well, everybody hates spammers, but Pinterest is just a big and important guy who hates them.

Pinterest loves consistency. They associate it with “safe” pinners.

This means that you don’t just randomly pin a bunch of pins to one board or randomly delete 10 pins at once. Pin at the same time every day.

You can, of course, use the scheduler if you’d like, but be consistent with what you pin and when you pin it. I use BoardCommander for my scheduling. So fire away with Pinterest!



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