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I haven’t been blogging for years like some of my friends have. But during that time I had a few very different experiences with hosting services. Everything changed when I switched to SiteGround hosting. After a year of using it, I can categorically claim that the SiteGround is by far better than all the rest of the competition. They are not just better, they are on the completely different level to all the rest of the host out there. Mark my words 🙂 .

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I’m gonna start with me complaining about the quality of service of the hosting company. Well, do I complain? No, I do not! 🙂 . I really don’t, and I really don’t have issues of any kind. So, let’s mention some of the main complaints people have with their hosting services. Slow loading time, terrible support etc. I realize how lucky I really am with being the SiteGround user myself.

In this post, I’m going to explain why I LOVE SiteGround like I do, and I hope this will help you decide which hosting right for you.

Reason #1 – Excellent Customer Service

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The absolutely worst thing that can happen is having bad customer service at your hosting company. Now, I am not going to mention or name any other hosting service here but SiteGround, so, sorry all you well known hosting services. Your customer service is plain terrible. Traumatizingly horrific! Waiting for two days for a support ticket to be answered is unacceptable. Already many reasons why I switched to SiteGround hosting.

Chat support was something you wouldn’t recommend to your worst enemy if you know what I mean. Waiting for such a long time for a simple chat! Come on! And most of the time they asked to submit the ticket anyway so that “the techs can look into it”. Even now I’m getting nervous about it. When your site is not working properly, you’re losing time and money waiting for someone to help you. And help almost never comes fast.


This is where SiteGroung comes to play. Really. I will take great pleasure to talk about it in great detail below. They really are market leaders in customer service. All the issues or any questions I’ve ever had got dealt instantly. Their support tickets get solved almost immediately. Within 30 minutes. Don’t even need to mention the chat support. You get someone to chat with within seconds.

Reason #2 – Instant Chat Support

Plain and simple, chat support here at SiteGround is really amazing. When you have any sort of issue or even just a question, you can simply click on Live Chat, and you get someone to talk to right away. No waiting at all!

And after you start chatting with someone, they don’t just send you off to another area. They actually manage to help you on that chat most of the time.

Here I’ve prepared a little data which shows how SiteGround compares to 12 other hosting companies. The image is below. So from the moment you start chatting to resolution average turnaround time is only 5 minutes. This data is provided by SiteGround, but I really have to say that this is spot on.

Chat answer time: Instant 

Chat resolution time: 5 minutes

Switched to Siteground Hosting 1

Reason #3 – 30 Minutes Resolution On Tickets

Sometimes there’s no way you can resolve your issue with chat. For example, you might need to provide screenshots, or login details, or a record of something. In those instances, you need to send a ticket.

With most other hosting companies a ticket means days of waiting before you hear anything back. Again, my experiences and experiences of many of my colleagues are nothing less than overwhelmingly positive. Any ticket gets resolved almost instantly.

And more of info from SiteGround. Again, it’s from the SiteGround themselves, but it’s again spot on. I know you can relate to this. Those are the reasons why I switched to SiteGround hosting. One after another.

Switched to Siteground Hosting 2

Reason #4 – Instant Phone Support

I personally usually don’t call the hosting provider very often. But, I bet there are people who prefer calling up instead of chats or tickets.

My few phone calls with them were indeed picked up instantly. Therefore, I believe it really is the way the picute below suggests. Stats from SiteGround says this:

Switched to Siteground Hosting 3

Reason #5 – Excellent Loading Times

As I have mentioned, my experiences with other hosting companies were not even close to those with SiteGround. Here I have a list of those other ones. Other than SiteGround. Let’s begin: HostGator, Bluehost, FatCow, Namecheap Hosting, GoDaddy Hosting. Siteground load times have always been the fastest and I have never experienced any unusual slowness of websites.

I have never done any time measurements or anything like that. I can just say that HostGator took even 5 seconds to even start loading. With SiteGround, on the other hand, it’s been always instant.

Here are the stats provided by SiteGround:

Switched to Siteground Hosting 4

The result at the bottom is with the SuperCacher enabled, which is basically an option you can turn on in your account to enable caching. I don’t personally use it as I find there is no need for that. My site is fast enough even without it.

Reason #6 – Proactive Security

This Proactive Security as I called it I think is the best explanation of the quality that SiteGround offers.

There have been attacks via a DDOS attack, where basically hackers send thousands of bot clicks per minute to your website, causing it to load pages at an incredibly fast rate, which causes your server to go down. And your website is being shut off for hours or even day at a time.

SiteGround, however, proactively identifies that for me, and sends me a notification message via email to advise me that was happening, and that they managed to block the DDOS attack. This is exactly why I love SiteGround and why I switched to SiteGround hosting.

So attacked site was down for only 10-15 minutes, after that, they went back online. All that while I was asleep. That’s sweet!

Reason #7 – Free Backups

Backups are very important. If you think that nothing is going to happen to your sites, you’re very wrong. If you had very important information on your website, and those pieces of information get lost. What would you do then? Without a backup, nothing I guess. You would go back and create it again. That would cost you days and days and a lot of money of course.

However, SiteGround provides free daily backups FREE of charge, all included for all your hosting accounts (30 days backup for Shared and 7 days backup for VPS).

This is also one of the reasons why I switched to SiteGround hosting.

Reason #8 – Price

The price is really the least important factor, especially compared to ones I mentioned previously. The most important ones are customer support and website loading speed.

SiteGround really delivers the good price. Amongst all other things, the price is also top notch. Their shared hosting starts at $3,95. For example, HostGator plans are about the same price.

If you can save $0,50 or $1 a month elsewhere, I really don’t recommend choosing the cheapest hosting. You are very likely to regret it when you come across horrible customer service.

The bottom line is that SiteGround is not expensive by any means – they are extremely affordable. Considering everything you get there, SiteGround is by far the cheapest on the market.


So, that is ti about SiteGround. I really don’t hesitate in many recommendations about the SiteGround service. They have a selection of plans which can easily grow with you of course. There are many reasons why I personally switched to SiteGround hosting, so I kinda summed up the 8 of the most important ones.

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Please share your experiences with your actual hosting company. Maybe we’ll have a lot to talk about. I would really love to talk to you about it. At the very end, I really need to stress how important were all those reasons for me to have switched to SiteGround hosting. Therefore, I find this article more than useful for all you out there who are looking for a better product for your blogging business.


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